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Travelling in Switzerland / Reisen in der Schweiz

Swiss Tourist Information

A wide variety of web sites are available. Among the best are:

Tourist information is also available at tourist information offices, train stations, travel agencies and book stores.


Train and Bus Information has Swiss train schedules and can be used to purchase on-line tickets. Bus schedules are available in the train station and on the buses. This is also available as an app for iPhones, iPads.


Transportation Fares

Full Fare With an adult paying full fare, children under 6 years of age ride free. Children 6 to 16 pay half fare.

Halbtax-Abonnement (Half-Fare Card) With a Halbtax-Abonnement adults pay half price or a reduced price for many transportation tickets. A one month Halbtax card can be also be purchased, which is useful for guests.

Familienkarte (Family Card) A Familienkarte entitles children 6–16 years old to travel free and children older than 16 to pay half-fare when travelling with a paying parent.

City Ticket City tickets are train tickets that include travel on buses and trams at your destination.



Reserve special SBB day passes at special prices through your Gemeinde.

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