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Shopping / Einkaufsmöglichkeiten


Yellow Page information:


Shopping Hours:

Please check your stores for specific opening hours.

Normal store hours are no longer only Monday to Friday from 9.00-18.30. More and more stores are open for longer hours.

In general, large stores are open all day, however, many small shops close at noon, -usually from 12.00–13.30.

Monday: Some stores are closed or open late.

Saturday: Some stores close earlier than -Monday–Friday.

Sundays and holidays: Stores are generally closed


All Day Shopping:

Monday to Friday: 8.00 or 9.00–20.00

Saturday: 8.00–18.00

Aarepark, Würenlingen -

Seebli Center, Lupfig

Geeligzentrum, Gebensdorf -

ALDI, Gebensdorf

LIDL, Wettingen & Döttingen


Evening Shopping (until 20.00)

Zürich: Monday through Friday evenings

Baden: Wednesday evening

Brugg: Friday evening


Shops Open on Sunday and -Evenings Autobahn service areas -(Pratteln near Basel, Würenlos near Wettingen, etc.)

Zürich Hauptbahnhof Baden train station

Zürich Airport

Gas Station shops


Second-Hand Shops / Brockenhäuser

At a Brockenhaus you can buy second-hand furniture, kitchen utensils, and so on. Check the phone book under Brockenhaus for one near you or check web sites such as:, ,

• Brugg: Hauptstrasse 12, Tel, 056 422 48 03

• Rieden/Baden: Brockehuus Gregor Hänggi

• Baden: several Brockenhäuser, see phone book


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