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Books / Bücher


•Brugg: Stadtbibliothek/Zimmermanshaus

Vorstadt 19, Brugg, Tel. 056 441 8461

•Baden: Stadtbibliothek Klösterli

Mellingerstrasse 19, Baden


English books:

• Thalia Bücher

Neumarktplatz 12, Brugg

• Meissner Bücher

Langhaus 4, Baden

• Librium Bücher

AG Theaterplatz 4, Baden

• Orell Füssli

Bahnhofstrasse 70, Zürich


French books:

• Payot chez Orell Füssli

Marktgasse 12, Zürich


French, Spanish, Italian and German books:

• Romanica Buchhandlung GmbH

Schiff-lände 5, Zürich


Arabic books:

• Alam Al Kutub


Asian languages books:

• Asiatica-Buchhandlung

Schäppistr. 22, 8006 Zürich


Russian books:

• PinkRus Buchhandlung

Spiegelgasse 18, 8001 Zürich


Books in many languages for children and young adults:



Large selection of books in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Shipping is free when the order is over € 20. No duty or taxes are charged up to a total value of 300 CHF.


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